Road safety

FNDI | Road safety

To enable road safety by creating safer drivers is one of the core values at Fujairah National Driving Institute (FNDI).  FNDI’s mission of creating safe drivers doesn’t stop with driver training courses but goes much beyond that. FNDI introduced a fully integrated Corporate Social Responsibility initiative almost a decade back to spread the message of safe driving amongst one and all.

As a part of this initiative FNDI regularly visits companies, colleges, universities, parks, community events, malls and various schools for conducting the road safety program and road safety demonstrations

FNDI is the Driving Institute in the UAE region to have sophisticated ‘Road Safety demonstration’ exhibits through which the vital messages of Road & Driving safety are delivered. They are:

The Roll-over Car- This exhibit flips 360 degrees to provide the delegate a head over collision simulation and makes them understand how effective the seatbelt is in restraining them to their car seat. It also lays emphasis on why loose objects and children who are placed unbuckled in the back seat should be restrained while traveling.

Seat Belt Convincer - This is a ramp which has an inbuilt car seat which moves at only 10kms/hr. But the jolt this exhibit gives enables to understand the risks of driving without a seatbelt.